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Please update your payment portal setup for PayPal, I can't make a purchase. 

Played it, absolutely loved it!

Hi, can I translate the game into spanish?

Would you be interested in a port of this in RPG Maker MV?

This was SO cute. Beautiful work on the character portraits!! <3

Hello Kali, I liked your game and I would like to know if you could give me the opportunity to translate it into Spanish,

Thank you!

how come it won't let me play

coot m8

This is such a great little game! All of the designs are so much fun -- I loved the outfits and I also loved the sound design in this game! All of the little bloops and bleeps were always so fun! Your art is fantastic and if you ever end up making another game I'm really looking forward to it!

aaa thank you so much, i really appreciate it!! ;w; and i'm glad you liked it! i have like... 6 other games i'm working on right now haha, so i'm definitely going to release another one soon!

CAN'T WAIT!!! <3

Hey . I'm from Russia . what characters are there in this story?

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it doesn't bother you, of course. 


hi!! oh wow, that would be so cool! that doesn't bother me at all, go right ahead!

and i'm glad you liked it! please let me know if you need any files or anything ;u;

Okey, Thanks! uWu

Hey . I'm from Russia . what characters are there in this story?


I LOVE!! THIS GAME!!! all the backgrounds and character art look SO GREAT!! the designs are very you <3 AHH AND THE FIGHTING PART WAS SO COOL!!! you did an amazing job!!!! sorry i can't help but gush over everything, the music was really cute and fitting too!! i love how clean everything looks... and the color palette is so well done... ahh i hope i'll find the time to draw some fan art soon, damien was my favorite for obvious reasons <3 congratulations on releasing your first game!!!! i'm so happy for you ;o; WAH!!!!

I'M... SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT OMG... AND THANK YOU!!! ;___; you're such a big inspiration for me when it comes to making games, so it really means a lot... and i am gonna die if you do fanart oh my god. BUT YEAH OMG THANK YOU AAA!!! ;w;